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We are please to announce the start and upcoming of “Basic AutoBot” (www.basicautobot.com). With our grand opening, we have introduced our first 3 prized “Botting Applications” to start the Online Community off with. Doesn’t Matter if you are a Gamer, Marketer or just someone who has a need for these kinds of bots for their everyday activities, You’ll definitely find a used for them. Be sure to create a account with “DISQUS” (Create An Account) if you haven’t done so yet, as we use this for our commenting system, we always appreciate feedback from our amazing Online Community! Also be sure to “Like Us ” on Facebook (Check Us Out) and “Subscribe” to our Youtube Channel (Check Us Out) so that you can stay in touch with our continuous progress and up-to-date content. As always, we love our Online Community, we hope to grow and create amazing wonders for you all!!!

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