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*** By Installing, Using And / Or Having Possession To A Copy Of This Software, You Agree To The Following Terms And Conditions!

1. You may use this software only for personal and educational use(s), free of charge without written consent from us, the software’s Creator.

2. You must never, at any time claim this software as your own under any circumstances and you may not monetize it through means of videos, text, advertisements, blogging or any other means of driving an offline / online visitor(s) and / or web traffic to a particular website or page unless you are linking the download source to our “Home¬†Page” or specific “Download Page”.

3. Never host or upload this software to any form of “Hosting Service”, “Cloud Storage”, or “Peer-To-Peer” for the intent of monetizing or sharing unless given written permission by us, the software’s creator.

4. Under no circumstances are you to reproduce this software or redistribute this software while attaching malicious viruses to this software. Violating a user’s privacy or damaging one’s property by attaching viruses to this software before distributing will not be tolerated and violators will be punished to the highest possible penalty by law.

*** This product was created for the “Online Community” to help assist users in many ways and forms and to provide the “Online Community” with “High-End” software, free of charge, so please respect the use of this software and it’s “Terms And Conditions”.

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